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i just signed this like a minute ago

oh man i got this from melissa's melo i think...

--Current Clothes: my target pajamas and my pj shirt
--Current Mood: blah
--Current Song: who are the mystery girls?
--Current Taste: eggs, bacon, sausage...english muffins
--Current Make-up: the slobber on my face from when i woke up
--Current Hair: still spiked from last night
--Current Smell: vanilla
--Current thing: im not jacking off
--Current Desktop Picture: the wall
--Current Favorite Artist: i dunno...myself =D
--Current Favorite Group: i dunno, i like a lot of bands
--Current CD in CD Player: some stupid mix i made
--Current tape in VCR: jay and silent bob
--Current Refreshment: coke
--Current Worry: there isnt enough room for them all...

Last thing…
-- You Touched: my eye to get the eye poop out
-- You Talked to: branden bartsch's mom
-- You Hugged: ummm....
-- You Instant messaged: michelle
-- You Yelled At: my brother
-- You Kissed: =X

-- Foods: breakfast right now...
-- Drink: cherry coke
-- Color: black and white designs
-- Shoes: i dunno...
-- Candy: anything fruity
-- Animal: little puppies
-- TV Show: 3rd rock from the sun nuckas
-- Movie: anything where i laught the whole movie
-- Song: depends how i feel
-- Vegetable: broccoli...=P
-- Fruit: strawberry
-- Cartoon: proud family

-- Understanding: yeah...i usually never have a problem
-- Open-minded: sure
-- Arrogant: i dunno
-- Insecure: i can be, but no one knows it sometimes
-- Interesting: uhhhh, sure?
-- Random: i guess...maybe
-- Hungry: yeah
-- Friendly: if im not, i try to be
-- Smart: usually
-- Moody: not really, im usually "kick back"
-- Independent: most of the time
-- Hard working: when i get into it
-- Healthy: probably not, im skinny as hell
-- Emotionally Stable: not now
-- Shy: yeah
-- Difficult: i dunno, ask someone else
-- Attractive: dont ask me
-- Bored Easily: no way
-- Messy: uhh, yeah
-- Thirsty: yeah
-- Responsible: most of the time
-- Obsessed: with what
-- Angry: not really
-- Sad: depends...
-- Happy: yes!
-- Hyper: when i dont feel lazy
-- Trusting: ummm...
-- Talkative: if i know you real well

-- Kill: shit...umm, i dunno
-- Get High With: b bartsch
-- Tickle: tickle?
-- Kiss you: ......
-- How many times have you been kissed: why do you wanna know
-- Done Drugs? uhhh...yeah
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos? yeah, so good
-- Been on stage? yeah
-- Dumped Someone? no
-- Been Dumped? no
-- Gotten in a car accident? no

--Shampoo? shampoo that branden has
--Toothpaste? oooo, the kids crest kind
--Soap? soap the cleans and smells good
--Type of soup? yeeeah, clam chowder
--Room in your house? mine?
--Instrument? bass nucka

--Coffee or hot chocolate? coffee.
--Big or little? haha, depends on what yer thinkin
--New or old? old
--Neve Campbell or Jennifer Love Hewitt? what the hell
--Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt? i dont know any brad pitt movies
--Vogue or Cosmopolitan? am i gay?
--Jeans or cords? Jeans.
--Sweater or sweatshirt? depends where im goin
--T-shirt or tank top? T-shirt.
--Skirt or dress? skirt
--Wool or cotton? cotton
--Rose or Lily? rose?
--Oldies or pop? oldies but good oldies
--Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? have i ever?
--Do you have a best friend? i think he is, but theres an issue im dealing with....

-- Cried? no
-- Helped someone? yeah
-- Bought something? yeah...another record
-- Gotten sick? no
-- Gone to the movies? no, but i wanna go
-- Gone out for dinner? yeah, jack in the box
-- Said "I love you"? no
-- Written a real letter? no
-- Moved on? from what?
-- Talked to an ex? ex who
-- Missed an ex? ....
-- Talked to someone you have a crush on? i dunno
-- Had a serious talk? yeah, melissa...
-- Missed someone? yeah
-- Hugged someone? yeah
-- Fought with your parents? yeah
-- Fought with a friend? i dunno, its still going on i think

Would you...
-- If you got a tattoo, where would you get it, and what would you get? i dunno, somethin of my band logo somewhere on me
-- What color is your floor/carpet in your room? i dunno, ivory
-- What was the last CD you bought? i dont buy cds cuz im a loser
-- How did you spend last summer? ummm, dont ask me...ask brad in august
-- When's the last time you showered? last night
-- Are you lonely? i dont think so
-- Are you happy? i feel like it
-- Are you wearing pajamas? yeah
-- Are you talking to someone online? no
-- What is your astrological sign? i b-day is in march 7
-- What are you listening to/watching right now? partisans
-- What time is it? 12:19 pm
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