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XSITE and friends...

well, a lot of new shits been goin on, been hang out with b bartsch and sheeit, heard new ideas for the band...some i liked, some i disliked, and theres a show comin up again at vinyl on aug 14 with the PEGs if ya wanna go, dunno who'll be in the band by that time cuz of other shit goin on...hung out with melissa and kelcie the other day, havent seen her ass in awhile, it was cool <3...hmmm what else, i started smoking again, cuz im a fuckin a dumbass cuz i smoke about a pack a day, i wanna quit aleady...woo! tims back and i hung out with him and mario and austin, it was cool...except austins probably havin fun, been feeling good these past couple days...wrote a new song for the band, has to do with the shit that went on the whole school year, if ya know me well, youll know what its about, well, what else..ill write later i guess..

oh, and im not really high, just smoked a cigerette, and thats the best for me....<---dumb fuck
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