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johnny knows his future wont last......

well, i havent signed this piece of shit in about a month maybe...but all i can remember is that i went to las vegas for like 3 days or so, and it was so fuckin hot out there, and the fuckin car ride is boring as hell too...we stayed at the state line which was cool there, and when we went to vegas we never stayed long...and we saw a show...the Blue Man Group, it was gay but cool at the same day i hooked up with this girl at the buffalo bills state line was weird but cool...not gonna say anymore...but when i came back, my dads cousin and her friend stayed for 3-4 days..theyre cool, and theyre like 20, the first night with them we went out to eat and my parents went to bed early and i stayed up with the girls and we got drunk because they had like 5 or 6 bottle of arizona ice tea bottle filled with wine, so we drank, and the next day i stayed home and did shit, but they came home and we picked up branden and did what we do....go to vinyl, the next day we went to knotts berry farm, which was weird because right when i got into it...i sat down in front of the bathrooms and i saw sarah, she just walked up to me and hugged and that was basically all...but it was nice to see her....after they left that week i just hung out with branden and mario and we did shit, then one night i hung out with briana, and we did nothing, because thats what we do.....then i cant remember anything, i just remember always being at brandens, oh yeah, we walked from vinyl to a del taco on main st one day and it was fuckin hot out, and these hot chicks started talking to us because they "liked our hair" haha....just recently my cousin came over and we saw freddy and jason, it was col and scary, haha...after the movie, we ran into tio and cole and talked for like an hour, that was cool too....oh well, ill sign this shit later....

got band practice tomorrow, hope our shit is ready to record....
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