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what is i went to fuckin school...and i got there early this time, woo!...and then i had english and history, but for tutorial, there was some gay DUI re-enactment thing, it was only funny because me and brad were talking to griffin...then we left at lunch and brad had to go to the mission mall to give his money from his tips to this guy, and he got a ticket for goin through a yellow light, haha...oh well, then we came to my house and ate pizza, and i had to get the gum outta my black jeans, because im fuckin stupid and sat in the shit. then i went to brandens house, and we left to pick up mario and i got a air soft gun or somethin, its so rad...and then we picked up tim and now im at home waiting for my mom to come to give me money because im a loser and cant get a job....
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