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fuckin hate punk

lets see, on friday night i went with mario and tim and branden to marios at around 1100 to spend the night, mario and branden smoked, while me and tim just got wasted...and we all shared drunken stories...the next day we woke up at like 1100 and we got up and made breakfast at 1230 or somethin and we ate and chilled for about2 hrs until i went home to change and took tim and branden...then i left my house with them at 330 to marios again, and we had nothin to do...max calls at around 600 and says theres some party, so we get there at like 700 and we search for shit to do...the fuckin party is buulshit, so we call graham and hang out with him, and go to another bullshit party until we get to del taco at like 900 and we just chill there, but graham leaves to go smoke...then we all have to go home at around 10:00 or somethin, and i dont get home till 11"30 cuz i had to take branden home cuz my parents wouldnt let him spend the night. that night i did shit and fell asleep at 2:30, when i woke up i did shit but i did later clean my room real quick because i was happy to get new i leave with my brother at like 3:00 because my mom gave me money and i was supposed to take him somewhere else...i get there and they dont have the pants i want so as it took an hour and a half to get there, im super pissed, and i have to take my brother to get his whatever, we get home at 7:00 FROM 3:00! so (monday to all you fuckheads) i go to school and do all that shit, leave at lunch and come back...after school i drive brad home cuz hes dumb and doesnt wanna use his car, and right after i drop him off, i go straight to brandens to pick him up, we go down PCH and get to electric chair, and the pants cost 48$ and then the stupid lady says they are 58$, i said fuck that and walked away, i drop off branden after and i go home and eatat like 7:00, now im here being a loser doing nothing and all get to read my complaints...:-d
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