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my first new entry

wow, i made a new screenname on here because i was never using my other one, which i still thank melissa for giving me, haha...because i only ask her a million times to give me her code thing...but right now schools over and to much shit is happening, my parents are turning into real asshole, and im fucking pissed about it because theyre all of the sudden on some "anti-trust" mode which is fuckin lame...and last weekendon friday my band played at some lame ass party, and saturday we had band practice, and sat night i went to haleys house, that was so cool, i know she doesnt think i liked it that much, but i did...i was there from sat night till sunday noon...sunday night after i had to stay home with my parents, i went wo meet dallas and we left to go to brads work and we hung out till midnight at tracys, and brad and dallas spent the night, and we all got drunk with dallas's apple puckers...on tuesday i stayed home and slept, and on wednesday i went to school and i only only had 2 classes plus tutorial, and me and brad hung out until he left to go surfing, and i went to brandens house that night until i came home late and my parents were pissed, today i had all my classes, and i had to make up a spanish test and fuckin a psychology test, and went to science with mr. diab (who i think fuckin rules as a teacher) and the lunch where i got made fun of for being gay...and then psych, and forgot to pick up trash or somethin...and then i went to brads, for awhile and i feel like a dick cuz i didnt go back like i said i would, and then i had guitar lessons, and got there late...i was supposed to hang out with dallas...but my moms a bitch and fuckin yelled at me...sooo, now im here, see its just a bunch of shit right now but later i hope i have fuckin bad ass shit to write in here.....oh, and for someone...i know u dont think i care, but i do..ever since i started talking to you, i thought you were the coolest person ever, and you still are, i think you are funny, fun to talk to, pretty, cute and just a great person...if you dont believe me, i dont care, because i do feel all that and i wish there was some way i could prove it, because i would really like to share something with you...even though you live so far away, i just wish you felt the same way you did before...if u dont, because even though u think i dont, i do...and youre the one who i think doesnt feel like that
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